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Barcode Label Printer

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Barcode Label Printer Price in Bangladesh | Retail Solution

Barcode Label printer are also known as product label printers, Barcode printer or Thermal Label Printer. These can Print different types of fully customized labels on-site. Such as a price tag or barcode. Label printer is the workforce of distribution and logistics systems everywhere. Most businesses use the Auto Id system to price and keep track of their products.

Barcode Label Price in Bangladesh

The very first Incarnation of a label printer was the Adhesive label in the 1930s, invented by R. Stanton Avery. They were paper with an adhesive coating covered by a silicone liner. After the invention of the modern computer, the InkJet Printer came in 1981. After that in 1984 Laser Printers were made. The first modern label printer was made in 1991 and it has come a long way ever since.

Barcode Printer BD

Barcode Label Printing is an important part of both small and large businesses in Bangladesh. You can buy a good Product Label Printer from any renowned brands like Brother, Xprinter, Casio, Zebra, Sewoo, Rongta, TSC, Toshiba, Honeywell, or Epson. Label printers from any of these brands are good enough for prolonged hassle-free Usage.

Types of Barcode Label printer available for purchase in 2022

If you are planning on buying a Barcode label printer in 2022, here are the most common types available:

zebra barcode printer price in Bangladesh

Thermal Transfers Type printers, also called TT printers; are good for long-lasting high-quality labels. It uses ink ribbons. They use lower heat settings than any other printer. They have the widest range of face stock and Adhesive options available. It costs less to print a label in a TT printer. Brands like Zebra, Sewoo, Rongta, TSC, Toshiba, Honeywell are known for being good TT Printers.

Rongta Barcode Printer Price in Bangladesh

They are very similar to TT printers. But they use heat-activated special chemical layered papers. These DT labels are more affordable than TT labels and easy to set up. It needs one media line to monitor. Labels printed by DT printers are not sharp and easily damaged. They are prone to UV exposure. Most Brands like Brother, Xprinter, Casio, Zebra, Sewoo, Rongta, and TSC make DT Printers.

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Laser label printers utilize Laser Printer or InkJet printers. They are the most affordable for label printing. Good for Sheet-fed home or office printers; they use Dry Toner Cartridges, either in black or a full set of colors. These cartridges use wet Ink, so the labels have limited durability. The drawback of These printers is that it is impossible to print a single label like the TT or DT. They are prone to jamming from time to time. Any reputed brand like Toshiba, Honeywell, Canon, Epson makes Laser Printers.

Toshiba Barcode Printer Price in Bangladesh

If you are planning on buying a Toshiba Barcode label printer; here are some things, you must consider before the final purchase:

The durability of printed Labels: Depending on what surface where you will use the label on you should consider the durability of the printed Labels.

Print speed: Print speed is an important factor to consider. It practically affects the quality of the labels.

Cost per Print: Affordability is another important factor. How much it will cost to Print a label is an important matter to consider

Size of the label: The size of the label depends on the type of product the label will be used on.

How the label will be applied to the product: How the label will be applied to the product is important. But it only applies if the labeling is automated.

Label Printer Price in BD

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