8.2MHZ Anti-theft RF Antenna EAS Antenna For Shopping Mall


EAS Antenna For Shopping Mall


Center frequency: 8.2MHz
Input voltage: DC24V
Detection range: 4X4 soft label:120-160cm
Hard tag: mini 170-180cm R50 180-210cm, large 210-220cm
Size & Weight: 190*150mm (TX); 196*151mm (RX); 0.50kgs/set
Packing: 0.025cbm, 0.65kgs

8.2MHZ Anti-theft RF Antenna EAS Antenna For Shopping Mall




  • Center frequency: 8.2MHz (4.75MHz/10.2MHz Optional)
  • Bandwidth: 6~11 MHz
  • Scan rate: 150hz,160hz,170hz, or 180Hz
  • Input voltage: DC24V
  • Detection range:
  • Soft label: 140-170cm
  • Hard tag: mini 150cm, R50 160-170cm, large 180-200cm
  • Antenna: aluminum alloy, 2pcs=1set
  • Size: 161*8*35cm
  • Weight: 5kgs/pcs
  • Packing: 2pcs/ctn, 164*12*39cm, 15kgs
  • Application: ideal for high-grade garment stores and chief exits of upscale shopping malls.


8.2MHZ Anti-theft RF Antenna  Price in Bangladesh


The latest Price of 8.2MHZ Anti-theft RF Antenna in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can buy the 8.2MHZ Anti-theft RF Antenna from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.


EAS Antenna For Shopping Mall price in Bangladesh


The EAS system is a great option for retailers that sell items in malls. This type of system is easy to install and works well. It’s an excellent way to protect your merchandise from theft. You’ll need an antenna that is close to an antenna, and a small transmitter. These tags send a signal to the EAS antennas, which will trigger an alarm if someone gets too close. Fortunately, these devices are cheap and easy to use, which means your business will benefit from them.

Security Gate Price in Bangladesh


In addition to an EAS anti-theft alarm security system, you can install a spider security tag. The spider security tag is designed for open-merchandising goods. A high-security version of the EAS system can wrap a lanyard around a box, allowing it to be seen from all angles. This is one of the most effective types of EAS anti-theft systems.


Anti-Theft Security Gate Price in Bangladesh


EAS system works in a similar way to an RF EAS system, it uses a different part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. The antenna sends a signal to the receiving antenna, which waits for an active tag to enter its detection range. An active tag then signals the antennas, which in turn activate an alarm. When an RF EAS alarm is triggered, the tags will send a message to the receiving antenna.




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