Yumite LS 405 Cash Drawer


Cash Drawer in Bangladesh


  • Model: LS-405
  • Tray: 6 grids for paper money, 4 grids for coin
  • Material: Shell (Cold steel plate); drawer (ABS)
  • Cash fold: Steel wire fold
  • Interface: RJ11

Yumite LS405 Cash Drawer



  • Model: LS-405
  • Tray: 6 grids for paper money, 4 grids for coin
  • Material: Shell (Cold steel plate); drawer (ABS)
  • Cash fold: Steel wire fold
  • Interface: RJ11

Yumite LS405 Cash Drawer Price in Bangladesh | Retail Solution


Yumite Cash Drawer has six grids for paper money and four grids for coin: Three file locks. It is made of a Cold steel plate (Shell) and ABS (drawer). Pulsation amplitude is 12VDS-24VDS. Cash fold: Steel wire fold. Interface: RJ11. 2 Keys provided to lock the drawer when not in use. Suitable For Super Market, Restaurant, and all kind of Retail Shops. Color: Black. Heavy-duty metal frame, durable for commercial use. It comes in Black, White, and Custom type. It has the following certification: CE; FCC; RoHS. It has no warranty.


What is the Price of Yumite LS405 Cash Drawer in Bangladesh?


The latest Price of Yumite Cash Drawer in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can Buy Counter Cash Drawer  at best price from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.

Cash Drawer Price in Bangladesh


Cash Drawer is a section under the Cash Register or POS (Point of Sales Device) that holds credit card receipts, cash from transactions, and other paperwork. The Drawer has a detachable Cash Tray used for storing cash. Cash Drawer is popularly used in retail activities, especially in the POS system.


Cash register Machine for Restaurant


A Restaurant cash register is the predecessor of the modern-day restaurant POS system. Before restaurant cash registers, there was no formal way of storing cash or recording cash flow. Restaurant operators used paper to record their sales and store cash in a drawer.

As restaurants grew in size, cash control needs became more evolved. And the restaurant cash register was adopted. This would help operators keep better track of how much cash was being put into the register, a proxy for how much was being earned. And it would help record if cash was taken out.


What is a restaurant cash register and what are its functions?


A restaurant cash register is a mechanical or electronic device for registering and calculating transactions. It has a physical drawer for storing cash. Nowadays modern electronic restaurant cash registers are usually attached to a printer that can print out receipts for record-keeping purposes. When a transaction is to be recorded, the operator punches in the bill amount and proceeds to record the sale. The cash drawer opens only when a sale is recorded. The operator collects the cash and stores it in the drawer, in something called the till. Once the operator closes the drawer, the transaction is complete.

Almost all cash registers today are connected to debit and credit card terminals in restaurants and are capable of recording non-cash payments via debit and credit cards. But that’s all they do. Record basic sales transactions.


Why Restaurants Still Choose Restaurant Cash Registers


Even though a POS system offers a lot more, some restaurants might still want to choose a restaurant cash register.


More affordable (in some cases)


A basic restaurant cash register starts at around $100 and allows a small restaurant to start processing cash transactions. Small restaurant operators often see it as a way to get started and then upgrade their technology at a later stage. Simply put, restaurant cash registers are less of an investment than many traditional POS systems. However, one needs to buy additional hardware for credit and debit cards or accepting other forms of payment. This can add up quickly.

It is interesting to note that modern, subscription-based cloud POS services often start at a lower half yearly expense offering smaller restaurants the option to try and test their technology before having to make a large upfront investment. But restaurant cash registers are definitely less expensive than traditional POS systems.


An established practice


Restaurant cash registers are often simple mechanical or electronic devices. Their limited features mean lesser complexity. This means that they need less upkeep than traditional POS systems. Restaurants have been using cash registers for a long time and are often used to this way of cash management.

POS systems, on the other hand, need continuous software updates and support. And many traditional POS companies charge extra for it. To the tune of $25 to $200 per month. However, Modern subscription based POS systems don’t charge this extra maintenance fee and are closing the gap between the simplicity of restaurant cash registers and the improved functionality of POS systems.


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