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Retail Solution’s Windows Hosting Platform is extremely powerful. It is a distributed multi-server hosting environment with dedicated primary and secondary name servers, dedicated Email Server, dedicated Database Server, and Dedicated Web Server.

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Windows Hosting Bangladesh

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We made our windows hosting package plan for the small business to enterprise level. You can get started with the minimum package as a beginner and scale up your hosting with your business growth.

Windows Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Windows operating system is used in Windows hosting. Although it is a popular operating system, it is rarely used in web servers. ASP.NET, MSSQL, C #, Visual Basic, Microsoft Exchange, MS Access and SQL server are the frameworks used by Windows Hosting.

Resources are shared by creating a separate profile (plesk) for each user by installing hosting management software on a dedicated server, through which each user can use his hosting storage and different resources separately.

Yes, you can host any types of website including WordPress in Windows Hosting.

It’s operating system is Windows, which is known and popular with everyone. It is compatible with most applications and frameworks. It has a popular and user-friendly plesk control panel for managing Windows hosting. This will allow you to use some special Windows software. For example: ASP.NET, MSSQL, C #, Visual Basic, Microsoft Exchange, MS Access and SQL server.

You can purchase windows hosting from Retail Solution. Call: +88 01712187700 or visit our Retail Solution Office.

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