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Hospital Management System

Retail Solution Clinic/Hospital Information Management System software helps deliver superior healthcare delivery for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Retail Solution Hospital Management Software

Handling patient bills and appointment used to be a chaotic scene in hospitals and clinics. Not anymore! With the arrival of Retail Solution’s Clinic Management Software, a systematic process has evolved over the time. The best part of this software is that it has reduced the use of paper, keeping all important information in one place to access. Doctors could coordinate with other departments with great ease, regarding medical health records. The software has helped in saving time as prescriptions, bills and other calculations are maintained digitally. This helps Doctors to concentrate on their core activities.

The Leading Hospital Management System in Bangladesh Manage Appointments, Bills, Payments and Patient Data with Ease!


  • et up timings without any hurdle
  • Manage patient appointments with IVR, app or online
  • Handle the queue in a waiting room instantly


  • Systematize the recording of payments & creation of bills
  • Printed receipts signifying the brand name

Patient Records

  • Keep a track of your patient visits & history; easily and digitally!
  • Printed prescriptions for easy understanding
  • Improved care

Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Solution Hospital Management Software is the best solution which is completely integrated for any type of hospitals from small to multi-chain hospitals. The Hospital Management Software for OP includes Doctor Discovery, Check-In, Mobile apps, Prescription, Appointments, Billing, and more.

One of the HMS features is the ability to manage test results, patient data and interact with other lab systems to improve workflow efficiency, data accuracy and add value to the overall patient treatment cycle. Results management can include sample tracking, quality assurance, reporting, and other activities.

Retail Solution Hospital Management Software is one of the best hospital systems in India that has all the advanced tools for all the hospitals, pathology labs, and polyclinics. It is a cloud-based hospital management software solution in Bangladesh that helps to centralize, automate, and optimize health care operations.

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