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Printer Head Price in Bangladesh


When the print head does fail it is important that a trained technician replace it as improper print head alignment and balance can affect not only the print quality but also its life. Much like the tire on your car, if it is misaligned, it will ware a grove in one area of the tire while leaving the remainder intact; the same rule applies for our print heads. The problem with both scenarios is that you have an unusable part due to an uneven wear.

Label Printer Head Price in Bangladesh


A misaligned print head will cause the need for more heat to transfer the image to the paper. The more heat applied to the print head, the higher the chance of premature failure. If this has been adjusted from factory setting during the course of the previous head’s installation it is recommended that it be realigned with the new one.


Use only enough heat necessary to transfer a quality image to the label. There is no need for the excessive heat and more heat can affect the life of the print head.

When maintaining the printer, be sure to take into account ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). ESD can cause component failure, which of course, includes the print head. Make sure that you’re properly grounded any time you replace a part.


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