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Tag Deactivator

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Tag Deactivator

Explore our comprehensive line of reliable deactivators delivering superior deactivation performance on active Sensormatic anti-theft labels to help protect merchandise and reduce false alarms at your exit. Sensormatic integrated deactivators work with a variety of compatible scanners for a fast and accurate checkout experience, while Sensormatic countertop deactivators offer a small footprint coupled with convenience and simple deactivation for any environment. Sensormatic Solutions also offers handheld options to easily deactivate heavy, bulky merchandise at the point-of-sale.

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The latest Price of Tag Deactivator in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can buy the Tag Deactivator  from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.

EAS Tag Deactivator  in Bangladesh


The Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system is used extensively in the developed world to prevent shoplifting, and it is gradually being introduced in developing countries such as Bangladesh. EAS systems work by attaching an electronic tag to items that are subject to theft. When the tagged item leaves the store, an alarm is triggered. The most common type of EAS tag is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, which uses radio waves to communicate with a receiver. Other types of tags include acoustic tags, which emit sound waves, and magnetic tags, which use magnets.

EAS systems are very effective at preventing shoplifting, and they are becoming increasingly popular among retailers. In Bangladesh, there are several different types of EAS systems available, including the AM Tag and the RFID Tag.

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We Have:

EAS AM Soft Label Deactivator

EAS RF Soft Label Deactivator Hard Tag Recheck

RF Hard Tag Remover

Security Tag Detacher EAS Tag Remover Magnetic Intensity

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