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Biometric Finger Print Scanner

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Biometric Finger Print Scanner

A device that scans a person’s fingerprints for identification or authentication is known as a biometric fingerprint scanner. This kind of biometric technology is based on the distinct ridge and valley patterns found on each fingertip of an individual.

The general operation of a biometric fingerprint scanner is as follows:

Capture: The scanner uses optical, capacitive, or ultrasonic sensors to capture the fingerprint image. Optical scanners use light to create an image, capacitive scanners detect electrical signals, and ultrasonic scanners use sound waves.

Processing: The captured fingerprint image is processed to identify unique features such as ridge endings, bifurcations, and ridge patterns. This information is then converted into a digital template that represents the unique characteristics of the fingerprint.

SecuGen Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Price in Bangladesh

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Storage: The digital template is usually encrypted and stored in a database. Modern systems often store templates locally on the device or securely on a centralized server.

Comparison: When a person attempts to access a system or facility, their fingerprint is scanned again. The new fingerprint image is compared to the stored template using sophisticated algorithms to determine if there is a match.

Authentication: If the scanned fingerprint matches the stored template within an acceptable margin of error, the person is granted access or authentication. Otherwise, access is denied.

Biometric Finger Print Scanner Price in Bangladesh

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