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Hard Disk Data Recovery

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At Retail Solution, we understand how important data privacy is to our users. We have put in place several measures to ensure that your data is safeguarded at all times. Our data recovery process is fool proof, and our data recovery lab is secure and off-limits to unauthorized personnel. Biometric controls are in place to further secure the lab. No electronic devices are allowed inside the lab to prevent any data breaches. You can be confident that your data is safe and private when you entrust us with it.

There are majorly three types of hard drive failures: physical, logical & logical cum physical

To diagnose a physical hard drive failure, look for signs such as the computer not detecting the hard drive, the drive not spinning, or an abnormal noise coming from the drive.

To diagnose a logical hard drive failure (which is a non-physical issue), look for signs such as accidental data deletion, Partition corruption, partition deletion, format, reinstall, and virus attack. etc.

To diagnose a logical cum physical hard drive failure look for signs such as firmware issues, bad sector, or weak head in the hard drive.

Below-mentioned are the symptoms of failed hard disk:

• The system makes strange noises (whirring, clicking sounds)
• Overheating of your Computer
• Corruption of Data, Files, or Folders
• Receiving frequent error messages on screen
• System’s failure to boot
• No response to commands
• Hard disk is undetectable or not recognized by the system
• The system does not detect or recognize the hard drive
• There is an issue with the hard drive not being detected by the system BIOS
• No spinning of Hard Drive
• Showing error message – “Blue Screen of Death”
• Increase in Bad Sectors
• Majorly slowdown of CPU
• Blank Screen


Physical failures – This is due to any physical damage such as burning/dropping of the hard drive. Some symptoms include:

  • No detection of the hard drive by the system
  • Drive does not spin
  • Drive heats up excessively
  • Unusual ticking sounds while data is being read by the hard drive
  • Grinding/clicking noise

Physical damage can be ascertained quite easily. You should refrain from attempting to open the HDD all by yourself since this increases the chances of damage. Get the situation rectified by experts.


Logical Failures – This occurs in case of human errors, malware/software infections, corrupted failures and in case the hard disk does not boot properly. Some symptoms include:

  • Bad platter/media
  • Hard disk recognized by BIOS but data cannot be accessed
  • Corruption of data from other file sources
  • Human errors such as changing of file attributes or registry file modifications

Fixing these failures does not require opening up the HDD and recovery software and tools can be used by Retail Solution for getting back your inaccessible data. We can help you fix this problem with ease.

Mechanical/Electric Failures – These failures are usually linked to HDD components. Some symptoms include the following:

  • Crash of hard disk head/heads
  • Magnetic platter damages
  • Failure of hard drive motor
  • Damages to PCB

These failures usually mean that higher time and effort is required to recover data and you should immediately contact Techchef experts for the best solution.

Data loss usually takes place due to hard disk failures. Retail Solution has noted that more than 70% of data recovery assignments are usually linked to HDD failures. This is commonly observed in case of individual and corporate clients and there could be a plethora of reasons behind the same. This may happen in situations where there is continuous storage of data and frequent usage of computers. There may be other aspects like data density increases or even the number of platters. 60% of failures of the hard disk reportedly take place on account of mechanical issues while 40% of these issues reportedly take place due to human errors or sheer misuse.

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