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Types of Card Printer


When printing ID cards, it’s important to choose the right type of ID card printer for the job. Just like there are different types of printers for printing onto paper, there are a few different card printer options to choose from, too.

In this post, we’re discussing the 3 main types of ID card printers available and what each type of printer can do for you. Let’s begin.

What are the types of ID card printers?


  • Direct-to-card printer
  • Retransfer printer
  • Inkjet printer

Direct-to-card printers


Card Printer in Bangladesh

Also known as DTC or dye-sublimation printers, direct-to-card printers are the most common type of ID card printer, used to produce photo ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and more.

Direct-to-card printing does exactly what it says: print directly to plastic cards. The machine’s print head and ribbon work together to print designs straight onto the card, making direct contact. DTC printers support edge-to-edge printing, meaning a small white border is left around the edge of the card surface.

Direct-to-card printers are ideal for printing simple card designs onto plain plastic cards with no internal chips. We don’t recommend using a direct-to-card printer to print onto access control cards or smart cards, as the raised chip of these cards could damage the printhead, and cause a blemish to the print.

Direct-to-card printers have lower up-front costs than retransfer printers, which is just one reason why the UK’s best-selling ID card printer, the Magicard 300, is in fact a direct-to-card printer.


Retransfer printers


Fargo-HDP5000-Printer Price in Bangladesh

Retransfer printers deliver a higher definition print quality, producing cards that are 3 times more durable than those printed with standard DTC machines.

These printers use a two-step reverse transfer printing process to securely bind the design to plastic cards. First, the design is printed onto an overlay film via the ribbon. The overlay is then fused to the card’s surface using a combination of heat and pressure, leading to increased durability.

Retransfer card printers print over-the-edge, so there is no border left around the edge of the surface, ensuring printed ID cards have a truly professional look. These printers can also print complex card designs containing block colours.

Retransfer printing is ideal for printing onto access control cards and smart cards containing a raised chip. The printhead does not make direct contact with the card, therefore there is no risk of the chip causing any damage to the printhead. This is why most printer manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the printhead of these printers.

Retransfer ID card printers tend to have higher up-front costs than direct-to-card printers, however, offer much more value.

Inkjet printers


Inkjet Card printer Price in Bangladesh

Inkjet ID card printing is a newer technology. It makes printing onto plastic cards as easy as possible thanks to the use of simple snap-in cartridges rather than printer ribbons.

Inkjet printing onto plastic cards offers a fair middle-ground between direct-to-card and retransfer printers, with strong print speed and over-the-edge printing in one user-friendly machine.

For example, the Fargo INK1000 inkjet card printer is capable of printing high-definition text and imagery onto plain plastic cards and access control cards.

Card Printer Price in Bangladesh


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