Evolis Primacy 2 Duplex ID Card Printer


Key Features


  • Model: Primacy 2
  • Direct-to-card dye-sublimation/Resin thermal transfer/ Rewrite
  • Edge-to-edge printing, single or dual-sided
  • Customizable 300 x 600 dpi resolution
  • Single or double-sided print module

Evolis Primacy 2 Duplex ID Card Printer




DisplayLED panel or LCD touch screen
Print SpeedSingle-sided (YMCKO): up to 280 cards/hour
Double-sided (YMCKOK): 170 cards/hour
Single-sided (YMCK) with lamination module: up to 215
Print Resolution300 x 600 dpi (color and monochrome printing)
300 x 1200 dpi (monochrome printing only)
Duplex PrintingYes

Paper Handling

Input CapacityFeeder capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
Hopper capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
Rear hopper capacity: 50 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
Paper TypePVC cards, composite PVC cards, PET cards, ABS cards, and rewritable card
Warranty01-year service warranty

Evolis Primacy 2 Duplex ID Card Printer Price in Bangladesh


The Evolis Primacy 2 is an advanced ID card printer known for its exceptional speed, power, and efficiency. With its cutting-edge encoding technologies, this office printer is the perfect solution for printing personalized cards, ranging from simple to highly secure ones. It offers double-sided printing, a 200-card feeder, encoders, a lamination module, and an LCD panel. The Primacy 2 provides an output capacity suitable for medium to large print runs and delivers high-quality printing results.

Ultra-Fast, Powerful, and Efficient Printing


Experience Lightning-Fast Printing Speeds and Unmatched Efficiency


When it comes to printing personalized ID cards, the Evolis Primacy 2 stands in a league of its own. This expert ID card printer combines ultra-fast performance, exceptional power, and unrivaled efficiency to meet all your printing needs. With advanced encoding technologies and cutting-edge features, the Primacy 2 is the ultimate solution for businesses and organizations that require high-quality, customized cards.

Unleash Your Productivity with Double-Sided Printing and High Capacity


The Evolis Primacy 2 takes productivity to new heights with its double-sided printing capabilities. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual flipping of cards and hello to seamless, professional printing. This feature allows you to effortlessly print on both sides of the card, reducing printing time and maximizing efficiency.

 Exceptional Print Quality and Real-Life Colors


Unlock a World of Captivating Visuals with High-Resolution Printing

In today’s visually driven world, first impressions matter. The Evolis Primacy 2 ensures that your ID cards make a striking impact with its high-resolution printing mode. Every detail, every color, and every element on your cards will be rendered with unparalleled precision and clarity. From intricate logos to vibrant photographs, the Primacy 2 brings your designs to life with stunning visual fidelity.

True-to-Life Colors for a Lasting Impression


Imagine a world where your printed ID cards are as vivid and vibrant as the real thing. With the Primacy 2’s colorimetric profile, that world becomes a reality. The printer is designed to reproduce colors as close to real-life as possible, ensuring that your cards not only convey vital information but also leave a lasting impression on recipients. From corporate branding to event badges, the Primacy 2 elevates your cards with exceptional color accuracy.

Reliability and Peace of Mind


Built to Last with a 01-Year Service Warranty


Investing in a reliable ID card printer is crucial for your business or organization. The Evolis Primacy 2 understands this, which is why it comes with a 01-year service warranty. This warranty gives you peace of mind, knowing that your printer is backed by a trusted manufacturer. In the unlikely event of any issues, you can rely on Evolis’ dedicated support team to assist you promptly and professionally.

Trust in Evolis – A Leader in Card Printing Solutions


When it comes to ID card printing, Evolis has established itself as a leader in the industry. The Primacy 2 is a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation. With a strong track record and a reputation for producing high-quality printers, Evolis is a brand you can trust.


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