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EAS Anti-theft Alarm Security System Price in Bangladesh | Retail Solution

An EAS anti-theft alarm security system can help prevent shoplifting and other kinds of theft. It is useful in various commercial settings such as retail stores. These systems can also prevent casual theft from happening. The most common type of shoplifter is an amateur, who is easy to spot. These thieves are most likely to be caught by an EAS system, which has labels that look like barcodes or are hidden inside packages.

While EAS technology is not a new one, it has proven to be highly reliable, efficient, and simple to install. Using this security system is easy, and you will notice immediate results. The tags attached to your merchandise will sound an alarm every time someone approaches an antenna, and this makes it easy for security personnel to intervene. Moreover, the tags’ appearance is a deterrent for shoplifters, as they look like a real burglary tool.

Another important part of the EAS anti-theft alarm security system is the clothing security tag. This tag is a small transmitter that communicates with the EAS antennas. When someone approaches it, the tag will activate, and an alarm will be sounded. Gateway calls the tags consumables, so no one can have more than one. A store with multiple EAS systems can be in a vulnerable situation, which makes it necessary to choose an effective anti-theft security system.

The EAS system is a great option for retailers that sell items in malls. This type of system is easy to install and works well. It’s an excellent way to protect your merchandise from theft. You’ll need an antenna that is close to an antenna, and a small transmitter. These tags send a signal to the EAS antennas, which will trigger an alarm if someone gets too close. Fortunately, these devices are cheap and easy to use, which means your business will benefit from them.

In addition to an EAS anti-theft alarm security system, you can install a spider security tag. The spider security tag is designed for open-merchandising goods. A high-security version of the EAS system can wrap a lanyard around a box, allowing it to be seen from all angles. This is one of the most effective types of EAS anti-theft systems.

EAS systems are effective in stopping the theft of merchandise. The technology is based on radio frequency, which is a relatively new technology. The use of RF-based sensors ensures that the system can be installed in a wide variety of locations. The best EAS security system uses antennas that are placed close to the entrance and exit points. When the antennas are near the antennas, they’ll sound an alarm, allowing the security staff to intervene.

The EAS system has a few features that make it unique. The antennas are usually placed in the most visible areas of the store, such as the entryway. These antennas are positioned in the windows, where people are likely to be distracted. An active tag will signal to the receiving antenna, which will sound an alarm when it detects a nearby active tag. These tags are considered consumable by the company that makes them.

While the RF EAS system works in a similar way to an RF EAS system, it uses a different part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. The antenna sends a signal to the receiving antenna, which waits for an active tag to enter its detection range. An active tag then signals the antennas, which in turn activate an alarm. When an RF EAS alarm is triggered, the tags will send a message to the receiving antenna.

An EAS anti-theft alarm security system uses an electronic security tag that transmits a signal to the antennas in the EAS antennas. The tag will then be deactivated when a person enters the store. The tags are not used in other stores. Besides being unattractive to thieves, an EAS anti-theft alarm security system can also prevent loss. This device helps prevent shoplifting by deterring unauthorized visitors and preventing thefts.

What Are the EAS Anti-theft Alarm Security System Price in Bangladesh 2022?

Retail Solution is a Bangladesh-based supplier of EAS anti-theft alarm security systems. The company offers a wide range of products, including EAS Security Alarm System, CCTV cameras, access control systems, and more. Retail Solution has been in business Since 2017 and has a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service.

When it comes to protecting your shop, there’s no better way to deter thieves than with an EAS security system. These systems work by emitting an alarm or signal when someone attempts to steal from your store. This can help you quickly apprehend the thief and prevent them from stealing any more of your merchandise.

There are a variety of EAS security systems available on the market, so it’s important to do your research and find the system that best suits your needs. Some factors you may want to consider include the size of your store, how much merchandise you have, and what type of alarm you want.

Once you’ve chosen a system, be sure to properly install it and train your employees on how to use it. By taking these precautions, you can help keep your shop safe from thieves and protect your valuable merchandise.

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EAS anti-theft alarm security system in Bangladesh

The Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system is used extensively in the developed world to prevent shoplifting, and it is gradually being introduced in developing countries such as Bangladesh. EAS systems work by attaching an electronic tag to items that are subject to theft. When the tagged item leaves the store, an alarm is triggered. The most common type of EAS tag is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, which uses radio waves to communicate with a receiver. Other types of tags include acoustic tags, which emit sound waves, and magnetic tags, which use magnets.

EAS systems are very effective at preventing shoplifting, and they are becoming increasingly popular among retailers. In Bangladesh, there are several different types of EAS systems available, including the AM Tag and the RFID Tag.

The Benefits of the EAS Alarm Security System

The EAS Alarm Security System is an alarm that uses radio waves to alert people of emergency situations. The messages contain four main components: the SAME header, attention signal, audio announcement, an end-of-message marker. The SAME header is the most important part of an EAS. It contains the event id, the source of the alert, and the duration of the event. During an emergency, this information is necessary to help responders.

This system is a great addition to any business because it keeps shoplifters at bay. A metal detection gate prevents shoplifting, provides a noiseless alarm, and detects foiled metal bags.

In a retail setting, the EAS can help prevent shrinkage. The system prevents shoplifters from taking large quantities of items. A metal detection gate is a great way to keep shoplifters out, and it also provides a noiseless alarm when an item is stolen. Furthermore, if the thief has been known to carry out several thefts, the EAS system can detect them.

In addition to preventing shoplifting, an EAS can reduce shrinkage. Organized groups are often responsible for stealing large quantities of items. A security system can prevent this by using a metal detection gate. An EAS can also detect foiled metal bags and alert customers without any noise. With a good system, you’ll be able to prevent these situations and save money in the long run. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of an EAS alarm.

The EAS alarm security system is essential for shops. Shoplifters typically steal items in large quantities, and an EAS can help prevent them. A metal detection gate is another key component of an EAS alarm system. It helps prevent shoplifters from entering your establishment while providing an immediate noiseless alert. If you’re in a retail store, an earpiece with an EAS alarm will be loud and clear.

The EAS Alarm Security System has several benefits. It reduces shrinkage. A security system can prevent shoplifting. In addition to preventing shoplifting, the EAS alarm can help prevent other types of theft. Unlike traditional burglary, an EAS can reduce a business’s overhead. Moreover, an alarm will increase its productivity by reducing lost time and money. So, it’s a win-win situation for businesses.

The EAS alarm security system can help prevent shrinkage. Unlike ordinary burglary, an EAS system will notify store staff if a security breach occurs. In addition to reducing shrinkage, an EAS security system can prevent unauthorized purchases. For example, if someone is trying to steal something from your store, an EAS security system will detect this and prevent the theft. A burglar alarm can also stop the spread of fake items.

What Is Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and Why Should You Use It?

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a technology used to prevent shoplifting from retail stores. EAS uses electronic tags to attach to merchandise. When the tagged item is removed from the store, an alarm is triggered.

There are several benefits of using electronic article surveillance. First, it helps reduce theft and shoplifting, which can impact a business’s bottom line. Second, it can help improve employee productivity by deterring them from stealing time by stealing products. Third, it can improve customer safety by preventing them from being hurt or injured in an altercation with a thief.

Finally, electronic article surveillance can help improve store security by allowing security personnel to respond more quickly to theft incidents. Overall, electronic article surveillance provides several benefits that can help businesses run more efficiently and effectively.

Antenna EAS System – EAS Anti Theft Security

The antenna EAS System is the best security alarm system that can be used in a store or office. The alarm will sound if someone tries to steal something, and it is very loud so that everyone in the store will hear it. This system is also anti-theft, so it will sound an alarm if someone tries to steal the antenna itself.

The Dragon Guard Antenna EAS System is the latest and most advanced security system on the market. It offers complete protection against theft and tampering, making it the perfect choice for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The system’s innovative design ensures that it is extremely difficult to defeat, and its advanced features provide maximum security for your property.

When it comes to retail theft, one of the most common methods that thieves use to steal items is by simply walking out of the store with them. To help combat this, many stores use electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, which are designed to sound an alarm if a thief attempts to leave the store with any merchandise.

One of the most common types of EAS systems is the Sensor Matic antenna system. This system uses a series of antennas placed around the store to detect any merchandise that has been tagged with a security tag. If a thief attempts to leave the store with an item that has been tagged, the Sensor Matic antenna system will sound an alarm, and security personnel will be alerted.

The Sensor Matic antenna system is one of the most common types of EAS systems available, and it is used by many retailers nationwide.

EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System with Tag

An EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System with Tag is an electronic deterrent that works as a visual deterrent for casual shoplifters. Once tampered with, the tag will alert store staff to any theft. The system has been proven to reduce shoplifting losses by up to 70 percent. A tag is easy to apply and can be removed with a special tool, but the loss reduction is so high that it’s worth the small price.

An EAS system is a smart piece of equipment that works in conjunction with a surveillance system to detect shoplifting. The tags contain a special sensor and communicate with the EAS system in-store. Once a shoplifter purchases an item, the tag is deactivated, triggering an alarm. An EAS tag can also be tampered with if it attempts to leave the store. Depending on the surveillance system you’re using, the tag can have different levels of functionality. For example, acoustic-magnetic tags offer an extended range and are more resistant to interference. They’re best suited for high-value items.

The system can be activated by employees or by the customer, and the tags can be deactivated by the store. The tag can be deactivated by using the deactivation pad or detacher provided. A physical deterrent can be very effective in decreasing shoplifting. It can reduce inventory shrinkage and decrease confrontations. The LM Tag Clip is an ideal choice for a variety of retail environments.

The EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System with Tag is extremely simple to install and operate. Most stores don’t have more than one system, so this feature is highly recommended if you have multiple locations. The EAS system can prevent the theft of merchandise in a store. Its tag solution is cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use. It only requires self-adhesive labels and requires minimal maintenance.

The EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System with Tag uses permanent tags that are attached to products. These tags are difficult to remove and can be difficult for a customer to deactivate. The tag also has a permanent battery that can be easily replaced. This prevents people from stealing. The system is an efficient security tool, but it may be expensive for your business. This product will help prevent losses and ensure the safety of your store.

EAS Tags can prevent theft by preventing unauthorized entry. With a tag installed on the door, the customer will be unable to get into the store and steal goods. The EAS Anti-Shoplifting Security System With tag can reduce the number of incidents of tampering. With the help of the system, customers and store employees will be protected from theft. In addition to preventing shoplifting, EAS can also protect valuable inventory.

Sensor Matic VST-R Super Tag with Pin

Sensor Matic has announced the launch of the new VST-R Super Tag with Pin. The tag is designed for use on larger items, such as furniture and appliances, and can be attached with a pin. The VST-R Super Tag with Pin is made of durable materials and features a tamper-resistant design. It is also resistant to water and other liquids.

EAS High sensitivity 58KHZ clothing security tags

Many stores are looking for new, more efficient ways to keep track of their inventory and one such solution is the use of high sensitivity 58KHZ clothing security tags. These tags work by emitting an AM signal that can be picked up by special receivers stationed at the exits of the store. If a tagged item attempts to leave the store without being scanned, an alarm will sound, alerting security personnel to stop the customer.

The advantage of using 58KHZ tags is that they are much more sensitive than traditional RFID tags and can be detected from much further away. This makes it much harder for thieves to try and sneak out items without being caught. In addition, since 58KHZ tags are specific to clothing, they can’t be easily removed or deactivated like some RFID tags.

Clothing Security Tags with pins and removal magnet



Clothing Security Tags are an important part of store security. They help to prevent theft by attaching to clothing and triggering an alarm if the item is removed from the store without being properly scanned. There are two types of security tags: those with pins and those with a removal magnet.

The most common type of clothing security tag is the one with pins. It consists of a small piece of metal that is attached to the clothes with a few sharp pins. If someone tries to remove the tag without deactivating the alarm, the pins will prick their fingers.

The other type of security tag is the one with a removal magnet. It consists of a small piece of metal that is attached to the clothes with a strong magnet. If someone tries to remove the tag without deactivating the alarm, they will be unable to because the magnet will hold it in place.

Clothing Security Tags Price in Bangladesh


The latest Price of Clothing Security Tags in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can buy the Clothing Security Tags from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.


EAS Soft Labels Tags Anti-Human Shield


To further deter thieves from targeting its high-value apparel items, retailer EAS Soft Labels has begun using soft labels in addition to traditional tags. The soft labels are printed with a unique barcode and are adhered to the garment in a discreet location, such as inside the hem or cuff. If the garment is stolen, the soft label can be scanned by store security to help identify the perpetrator. In addition to their anti-theft benefits, the soft labels also serve as a human shield against theft detection devices like RFID scanners.

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