58kHz Anti-Theft Soft Tag for EAS System to Prevent Shoplifting Soft Label


AM Waterproof Soft Label Price in Bangladesh


Type: AM Label
Color: Barcode / white / black




58kHz Anti-Theft Soft Tag for EAS System to Prevent Shoplifting Soft Label


Product Details


Product name

EAS AM Waterproof Label


58 KHz(AM)

Item size


Detection range

0.5-2.2m (depends on the System & environment at site)

Working model



Customizable printing

58kHz Anti-Theft Soft Tag Price in Bangladesh


Soft label should be affixed to the soft-drying surface of the product with no directional requirements.

Do not put the soft label printed merchandise legend important places, such as basic ingredients. Use Warning Dimensions and barcode statements. production date, and so on.

In order to prevent the illegal torn label, the adhesive label particularly strong. If you are forced to tear the label, the surface will be damaged goods. therefore stick labels on gifts. leather goods and books and other products, you should anticipate this.


Soft Label Price in Bangladesh


The anti-theft soft label has good detection performance. It is used to stick to the surface of the product without covering the product information or damaging the product packaging. The soft label uses a non-contact deactivation method, which is convenient and fast, and can be widely used in various scenarios such as supermarkets, drug stores, and specialty stores, effectively reducing theft loss, speeding up the checkout process, and improving the shopping experience. The latest price of AM Waterproof Soft Label in Bangladesh, Please Call: +88 01712 187700 or visit Retail Solution Office.


Main details of AM soft label :


  • Small size, easy to use. With high quality hot melt adhesive, stick firmly.
  • Amorphous material, which can be easy to deactivate.
  • It can use to detect for liquid, metal commodity and shopping cart, etc.
  • DR label more hidden and not easy to damage, with a better effect for anti-theft.
  • It can be stored at a temperature of 15-32 degrees for 19 months

Detection Distance


  • Place in least conspicuous location.
  • Do not cover warnings, expiration dates or important consumer information.
  • It is recommended that the surface to which the label is applied be clear and free of all dirt, grease, oil, etc.
  • Ambient magnetic field of labeled product greater than 100mG may result in reduced label performance.
  • Label not to exceed temporary magnetic field exposure greater than 8 Gauss.

What is Soft Tag/Soft Label?


Soft Tags deter theft by sounding alarms. These security labels can be deactivated at checkout with a standard AM deactivation. Soft Tags adhere to your merchandise and work with EAS security systems. The security tags will sound alarms at your entryway if not deactivated. Soft tags are a common practice for loss prevention solutions.

When we say “EAS tag,” we mean a small device made of plastic that’s attached to the merchandise being protected. When we say “EAS label,” we mean a paper sticker or a very thin strip of plastic with an EAS circuit hidden inside that’s affixed to merchandise like any label.


Soft tag Price in BD


EAS tags come in different form factors. Some of the most common ones are shown in the picture on the left. Whether a particular tag is AM or RF is sometimes impossible to tell just by looking at it – they often look the same.

Feature-wise, there are several variants among tags. Some are simple, and only trigger the store alarm when passing between the EAS antennas at the door. Some are self-alarming, meaning that they can tell if someone is tampering with them or trying to remove them improperly. In that case, they sound their own alarm, powered by an internal battery. These self-alarming tags are usually used on higher-priced merchandise or on items especially susceptible to theft.

When it comes to labels, there is really only one form factor for AM systems – the thin “plasticky” strip you’ve probably seen affixed to the boxes of electronics. RF labels, on the other hand, can come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and they look like ordinary stickers. Sometimes the price sticker has a hidden RF circuit hidden beneath, and one would never know!


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