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Passport Scanner

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Introduction Passport Scanner


It is a safe bet that your passport has already been scanned by a passport reader device, most probably at an airport. Smart scanners enhance security at border control, law enforcement, and other governmental applications. Read on for an overview of passport reading technology.

How Passport Readers Work

A passport reader or passport scanner is actually a camera – a purpose-built imaging device that takes photos of the presented identity documents. The difference between a regular camera and a passport scanner is that the latter uses special illuminations when capturing the document. In addition to visible white, it includes infrared and ultraviolet light sources as well. The images taken under these illuminations are used for specific image processing tasks, mainly for data reading and document verification.

Key Functions of Passport Readers


During the passport reading process, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software analyzes the scanned images. First, it identifies the document type, then digitalizes the characters. It outputs segmented personal and document data, such as name, date of birth, nationality, document number, expiry date, and more.

With the fast-scanning setting of conventional USB models, where the processing is done on the connected PC, this whole process happens within seconds.


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