OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner


Airport Passport Scanner


OCR Reader
Passport Scanner
Airport Document Verification
Travel Security
User-Friendly Technology
Swift Document Processing
Enhanced Encryption
Boarding Pass Scanning
Seamless Document Handling
Advanced OCR Technology

OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner

Product Specification


Indicator:3 Status Indicator LED S(for Power Ready and Error
Temperature:0 to 40celsius
Humidity [%]:20-80 (Non- Condensing)

OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner Price in Bangladesh 


The latest price of OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner in Bangladesh, Please Call: +88 01712 187700 or visit our Retail Solution Office.

OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner

Unparalleled Accuracy for Swift Document Processing

Discover the cutting-edge OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner, designed for seamless and accurate document handling. Elevate your airport experience with lightning-fast processing, ensuring swift and error-free document verification.

Unlock a new era of efficiency as our advanced OCR technology meticulously scans passports, visas, and boarding passes with unparalleled accuracy. Bid farewell to time-consuming manual checks and embrace the convenience of instant, precise document processing.

Travel Stress-Free with Enhanced Security Features

Embrace worry-free travel with our OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner, fortified with state-of-the-art security features. Safeguard your personal information as the scanner employs advanced encryption protocols, ensuring that your data remains confidential and secure.

Experience peace of mind knowing that every scan is protected against potential threats, providing an additional layer of security to your journey. Elevate your travel experience with a powerful ally in document verification.

Intuitive Design for User-Friendly Operation

Immerse yourself in a user-friendly experience with the OCR Reader Airport Passport Scanner’s intuitive design. Seamlessly navigate through the scanning process with a user-friendly interface, ensuring stress-free operation for users of all levels of technological expertise.

Enjoy the simplicity of a device designed with you in mind, enhancing efficiency without compromising on ease of use. Elevate your travel experience with a passport scanner that puts control and convenience at your fingertips.




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