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EAS TAG Detacher

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EAS tag detacher and label deactivator Price in Bangladesh


EAS security tags and labels, we also provide detachers and deactivators. Our offering includes magnetic and mechanical detachers and deactivators for AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz retail security systems. Browse our range to find the right tag removal or deactivation solution.

Hard Tag Remover Price in Bangladesh


Hard tag remover works by removing the pin from the magnetic hard tag. The standard detacher offers ease of use and the bright chrome appearance is visually appealing – making it a real favorite for most retailers.


Handheld Magnetic Hard Tag Detacher Price in Bangladesh


Handheld Magnetic Hard Tag Detacher can be used to detach tags from larger items with ease. The detacher comes with an extremely strong lanyard, fixing it to the counter at all times and protecting the device against theft.

RF 8.2MHz powered deactivation pad Price in Bangladesh


The electronic RF deactivation pad/magic wand is used to deactivate RF soft tags, RF chilled/meat labels and other RF security labels with one swipe. It fits neatly into or under the counter and can also be used to locate rogue hard tags that have not been removed.




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