Anti Theft Security EAS System For Retail security door in Bangladesh


Security door in Bangladesh Specification


Brand Name: DETA
Model Number: DTRF6040B
Center Frequncy: 8.2Mhz
Operating Voltage: AC(50~60hz)110~220V
Scanning Frequency: 160/170/180
Working Mode: TX+RX or MONO
Detection range: 0.9-2.4M(Depend on tag)
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy
Appearance Size: 1540*400*40mm
Product name: Mono EAS system

Anti Theft Security EAS System For Retail Security door in Bangladesh

Security door in Bangladesh


Are you tired of worrying about theft and shrinkage in your retail store? Look no further than our cutting-edge Anti-Theft Security EAS System, specifically designed to provide you with unparalleled protection and peace of mind. Safeguard your merchandise and boost your bottom line with this advanced solution.

With our state-of-the-art EAS System, you can effectively deter shoplifters and prevent inventory loss. Its innovative technology creates an invisible shield around your store, detecting any unauthorized attempt to remove tagged items. Say goodbye to theft and hello to increased profitability!


Anti Theft Security EAS System For Retail security door in Bangladesh


The benefits of our Anti-Theft Security EAS System go beyond its theft-prevention capabilities. By maintaining a secure shopping environment, you enhance the overall customer experience. Shoppers will feel safe and at ease, resulting in increased footfall, higher conversion rates, and improved customer loyalty. Create a shopping haven that keeps customers coming back for more.

Retail security door in Bangladesh


Easy to install and operate, our EAS System seamlessly integrates into your store layout without disrupting the aesthetic appeal. Its sleek design effortlessly blends in with your existing decor, making it an unobtrusive yet highly effective security solution. Enjoy the best of both worlds: superior protection and a visually appealing retail environment.

Say goodbye to the days of constant worry and hello to the confidence of knowing your store is protected. Invest in our Anti-Theft Security EAS System today and watch your profits soar. Don’t let thieves undermine your success. Take control of your retail security now!


EAS System For Retail security door in Bangladesh


Ready to experience the power of our cutting-edge EAS System? Place your order today and fortify your store against theft. Don’t wait another minute to safeguard your merchandise and ensure the long-term success of your retail business. Act now and embrace the future of retail security!



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