EAS RF Soft Label Sticker Label for Anti-theft Jewelry Security Tag


RF Jewelry Label Price in Bangladesh


Type:RF Label
Dimension:40*163MM/Dia 40mm
Front Design:Nude/White/Barcode/Customized
Frequency: 8.2MHz±5%, 9.5MHz±5%, 10.5MHz±5%
Hot Melt Adhesive: Henkel

EAS RF Soft Label Sticker Label for Anti-theft Jewelry Security Tag

RF Jewelry Soft Label Security Alarm Sensor Description


Product name

EAS RF Soft Tag


8.2MHz(RF)/Dia 40mm

Item size


Detection range

0.5-2.0m (depneds on the System & enviornment at site)

Working model


Front Design



Jewelry Security Tag Price in Bangladesh


Strong adhesive, using the Henkel glue with 50.9 CF Peel Force ,neat and smooth appearance, hard to be torn off from products..
High Q value and 9 laps coil provide RF label a super-wide simple operation.
Strict production process. Defective rate is 0.03%.

Our tags are paper-thin and embedded under your custom label. By placing the tag under the label, we don’t detract from your branding at all. There’s also the saving in cost you’ll get from having both the label and security tag added at the same time.
2.Jewelry and eyewear require small tags, and RF tags are a good choice .


RF Soft Label Sticker Label Price in Bangladesh


This product is used with a radio RF8.2MHz system and is widely used in supermarket shelves to prevent theft. It is suitable for all products in the environment of supermarkets and specialty stores. The scope of use includes clothing hanging price tags, books, audio and video CD boxes, shampoo, facial cleanser bottles, and a series of small carton packaging products can be used.


Anti-theft Jewelry Security Tag Price in Bangladesh


When degaussing, use a dedicated anti-theft label degaussing device and degaussing board. Please do not put the soft label on the place where the product is printed with important description text, such as product composition, usage method, warning statement, size and barcode, production date, etc. To prevent someone from removing the label illegally, this label is extremely sticky. If the label is forcibly removed, the surface of the product will be damaged.



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