Sunmi K2 MINI Android Touch Kiosk


Sunmi K2 MINI Android Touch Kiosk


Display Size (Inch) – 15.6
Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core
Storage – 16GB

Sunmi K2 MINI Android Touch Kiosk

Sunmi K2 MINI Specification 


Sunmi K2 MINI Android Touch Kiosk Price in Bangladesh 


The latest Price of Sunmi K2 MINI Android Touch Kiosk in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can buy the Sunmi K2 MINI  at best price from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.

Intuitive Touch Experience

Immerse yourself in the future of interactive shopping with the  K2 MINI Android Touch Kiosk. This cutting-edge kiosk is designed to provide an intuitive touch experience, revolutionizing the way you engage with information and services. Navigate effortlessly through menus, explore product details, and make selections with a seamless touch interface that responds to your every gesture. The K2 MINI brings a touch of sophistication to your fingertips, enhancing your shopping journey with its user-friendly design.

Compact Powerhouse

Discover the perfect blend of form and function with the  K2 MINI – a compact powerhouse that redefines the possibilities of a touch kiosk. Despite its sleek and space-saving design, this Android-powered kiosk packs a punch with robust performance. Whether you’re managing orders, browsing products, or providing self-service options, the K2 MINI ensures a smooth and efficient experience. Elevate your business operations or retail space with the compact yet powerful  K2 MINI.

Versatility Redefined

Experience versatility like never before with the  K2 MINI Android Touch Kiosk. This multifunctional device adapts to various scenarios, from interactive product displays to efficient order processing. The K2 MINI seamlessly integrates into your business ecosystem, offering a range of applications to meet your unique needs. Versatility is not just a feature; it’s a promise that the Sunmi K2 MINI delivers, enhancing your operations and captivating your customers.





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