Sunmi V2 Pro Android Handheld POS Terminal


Key Features:


  • High quality rear camera
  • Professional 1D scanner (label version contains 2D scanner).
  • USB-C power is suitable for charging or connection external devices.
  • Sunmi V2 Pro works with Android 7.1 OS.

Sunmi V2 Pro Android Handheld POS Terminal



Breeze through busy days with the V2’s cutting-edge printing mechanism.
Seiko thermal print head ensures crystal-clear print effect as well as 70mm/s print speed, with a 16.7% enhancement in print speed.You can enjoy uninterrupted printing even at peak hours.The paper cutter with zigzag edge offers you a hassle-free use.
*The data is from the comparison with the previous generation product.

Frequent paper roll refills? Not anymore.
Support till rolls of 58mm width, 50mm OD to double the capacity.

Cut down on refill costs.

sunmi mobile POS Terminal

Compared with the device using 40mm diameter till roll, V2, which uses a till roll of 50mm OD, can save you 0.06 yuan (USD 0.001) per day on average (supposing one meter used/day), which equals to saving you 219 yuan (USD 40) per year.

Quick charging, long use time and high volume.

The 95 dB, 1 Watt speaker supports real-time voice prompt on order receiving, number in the queue and payment. No more missed number, payment or order even in the noisiest environments.

sunmi POS Terminal


Its high quality 2580mAh 7.6V Li-Po battery lasts the whole day even in the most demanding situations. It never compromises on printing speed even if it’s almost out of juice. And the best part? Taking typical user behavior into account, it automatically prevents overcharge or over-discharge which significantly extends battery life.

Conveniently used in poorly-lit environment.
The 5.0MP AF camera with flashlight complete with autofocus assures rapid scanning and error-free data collection even in poorly lit environments.

Get stable, safer and smoother performance with pre-installed Sunmi OS 3.0

Android 7.1
With the industry leading OS, you can now install all the necessary applications to keep your device and information safe.

Sunmi V2 Pro Price in Bangladesh| Retail Solution



Enhance the consistency of software application use to save device from getting stuck or hot during peak hours.

GPS Equipped

Know and verify your device location for unified management.

Large screen for easy operation.
The 5.45″ IPS capacitive full HD screen displays important information with utmost precision and offers an error-free use experience.
Thin, sleek & handy.
Its 17.8mm thickness and oblique ergonomic design makes it easy to hold for various sizes of hands and fits in the pocket of aprons and coats.
It only weighs 364g, making it a practical and user-friendly device to be easily held for a long time, improving efficiency of ordering and payment processing.


What is the Price of Sunmi V2 Pro in Bangladesh?


Sunmi V2 Pro has High Performance Quad-Core Processor It Can Run Multiple Apps and process data efficiently, it has Receipt and label printing modes can be switched easily to meet all your needs. To recognize more, swiftly, and easily. Supporting a PSAM Card, it is applicable for the checkoff the three meters (gas, electricity, water meters), transportation and mobile law enforcement, etc. It has left footprints in 111 countries and provided quality services to all walks of life. Find more about V2 PRO’s success stories worldwide.  Dual-Band Wi-Fi Enjoy a smoother operation enabled by faster transmission and less interference. 4G Connectivity Stay connected at anytime and anywhere.


The latest Price of Sunmi V2 Pro in Bangladesh


Please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can buy the Sunmi V2 Pro at best price from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.

Sunmi V2 Pro is an Android handheld POS terminal that is ideal for businesses of all sizes. This portable device is equipped with the latest technology to make your business transactions smooth and efficient. With a sleek and modern design, the Sunmi V2 Pro is perfect for use in retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and more.



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