EAS Anti theft Security in Bangladesh


  • AM Gate
  • RF Gate
  • RF Tag (hard tag, soft tag)
  • AM Tag (hard tag, soft tag)
  • Tag Detacher / Remover (punch/Magnet)
  • Tag Checker (AM / RF)
  • Tag Deactivator (AM / RF)

EAS Anti theft Security in Bangladesh


EAS Anti theft Security in Bangladesh


With our anti-theft equipment, you can secure your retail establishment. All varieties of security tag and EAS products are offered. RF Gate 8.2MHz and AM Gate 58KHz. In Bangladesh, we are an importer and supplier of EAS Security system products.


EAS Anti theft Security Price in Bangladesh


The latest Price of EAS Anti theft Security in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can Buy the EAS High sensitivity clothing security tags from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.


Electronic Article Surveillance


Bangladesh uses the well-known EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) anti-theft security technology. Retail establishments, libraries, and other places requiring theft prevention frequently use EAS systems. By warning personnel when protected things are taken outside a specified security zone without being properly deactivated or removed, these systems assist in preventing theft and protecting goods or precious assets.


The following are some crucial details regarding Bangladesh’s EAS anti-theft security:


  • EAS systems are widely employed at retail establishments in Bangladesh. Retailers utilize EAS technology to guard against theft in large cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, and others.


  • Different EAS system types are available, including those based on radio frequency, acousto-magnetic waves, and radio frequency identification (RFID). Bangladeshi retailers are free to select the system that best fits their requirements and financial constraints.


  • EAS Tags and Labels: Goods are equipped with EAS security tags or labels. If the signal on these tags is not correctly deactivated or removed by store employees during the checkout process, an alarm may sound at the exit of the store.


  • Security Gates: Store exits and entrances have EAS security gates installed. The store staff is made aware of a potential theft when a tagged item passes past these gates without being deactivated or removed by the gate’s operator.


  • Security Services: Retailers in Bangladesh can hire some businesses to build, maintain, and watch over their EAS systems. Effective anti-theft systems are put up and maintained by them for businesses.


  • EAS systems provide the advantage of reducing theft and shoplifting, which can negatively affect a retailer’s profitability. Customers also enjoy shopping more because they feel more secure knowing that safeguards are in place to protect the goods.


  • EAS systems present difficulties since they need initial funding and continuing maintenance. In addition, if false alarms are not handled effectively, customers may be inconvenienced and become complacent.


  • Legislation and regulations: Bangladeshi retailers must be aware of any local legislation governing EAS systems and security measures. It is crucial that these rules are followed.


Like anywhere else, it’s critical for businesses to evaluate their security requirements, financial constraints, and unique challenges before deciding which kind of EAS system is best for their organization. EAS systems that are properly implemented can increase a company’s overall security and profitability while serving as a powerful deterrent to theft.











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