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Barcode scanner price in Bangladesh 2022 | Retail Solution

Barcode scanners are also known as point of sales (POS) scanners. POS scanners are used to read information from barcodes used in products to identify them quickly. Barcodes are used in the purchasing process, tracking inventory and accounting and in many other fields. A barcode scanner consists of a scanner, a decoder, and a connector (a cable or a wireless device like Bluetooth) that connects to computers. Barcode scanner price Bangladesh varies with brands and models.

Barcode Scanner and Printer Price in Bangladesh

Place of use:  Will you use the scanner indoors or outdoors? Some barcode scanners work great in sunlight as well as artificial light.

Brand: You may also want to consider a high-performance Barcode Scanner that can read imperfect barcodes. Because many times barcodes are faded or damaged. Retail Solution provides high performance product Barcode Scanners such asHBA, Zebex, Honeywell, Sunmi, Zebra etc.

Wire or Wireless: Do you need a portable Barcode Scanner or a wired one? If you stand in one place and don’t need to move around like in a super shop or in retail stores counters, then a corded/wired product barcode scanner directly connected to a computer would suffice. But if you move around then you will prefer a portable/wireless barcode scanner. Bluetooth barcode scanners available at Retail Solution.

Laser or image: Laser readers need to be lined up horizontally with barcodes while image scanners give you more flexibility, you don’t need to line up horizontally with product barcodes. It can also read QR codes. The image barcode reader reads codes more quickly and efficiently. Honeywell is a good brand for image scanners.

Symbol Barcode Scanner Price in Bangladesh

QR codes hold more information. A Symbol barcode scanner can hold up to 25 characters. Whereas QR code can hold up to 2500. QR are up to 10 times smaller than a bar code and nevertheless readable.

Honeywell barcode scanner price in Bangladesh

Honeywell barcode scanner has 2D scanners are an update to 1D scanners. So, you may automatically prefer 2D scanners. 2D barcode scanners can read both 1D and 2D barcodes. 2D codes can contain much more information than just numbers, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, images, website URLs etc. Honeywell, Sunmi, HBA Scanner in Bangladesh has models that read 2D barcodes. 3D scanner  read data based on height rather than ratio of black to white in the Barcode. This way it can read much more data.

Wireless barcode scanner price in bd

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Zebra barcode scanner price in Bangladesh


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