Retails BR-80 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner


Retails BR-80 Barcode Scanner


• With the latest mainboard and image scanning technology
to greatly improve the decoding speed of barcode
• Cost-effective CMOS imaging chip.
• Comprehensive fast scanning ability.
• Plug and play, quick and easy.
• Fashionable appearance and comfortable grip.
• Support the recognizing of paper barcode

Retails BR-80 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner


Retails BR-80 Specification 


IlluminationWhite light
AimingRed light
2D: PDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix, HanXin, Maxicode , Postal Codes etc.

1 D: Code128, UCC/EAN-1 28, AlM128, EAN-8, EAN-1 3,  ISBN/ISSN,UPC-E,UPCA, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-6, ITF-4,  Matrix 2 of 5, lndustriaI 25, Standard 25, Code39, Codabar,  Code 93, Code11, Plessey, MSI-Plessey, RSS-14. RSS-Limited.  RSS-Expand etc.

Recognizing Precision≥4mil
Depth of FieldEAN-13:30-200mm

QR(20mil): 20-150mm

Barcode SensibilityPitch±45º



Field of viewHorizontal: 40°, vertical: 30°
Relative Contrast Value≥25%
Interface TypeRJ-45 crystal head
Housing MaterialPC+ABS
NotificationBuzzer, LED light
InterfacesRS-232 serial interface

USB keyboard

USB virtual serial interface

Trigger MethodKeyboard recognition

Induction recognition

Continuous recognition

Operating Voltage5VDC±10%
Operating CurrentStandby: 50mA

Working: 230mA

Working Temperature-20–50°C
Storage Temperature-40–70°C
Humidity5% to 95% (non-condensing)
ESD±4Kv Contact Discharge  ±8Kv Air Discharge
Environmental SealingIP42
CertificationsCE FCC

Retails BR-80 Barcode Scanner


Utilize the Retails BR-80 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner to improve your retail operations. With the newest mainboard and image scanning technology, this sophisticated equipment greatly increases the speed and effectiveness of barcode decoding. Because it has an affordable CMOS imaging chip, the BR-80 can scan barcodes quickly and thoroughly, allowing you to process them precisely and efficiently.

Retails BR-80 Barcode Scanner The plug-and-play feature of the BR-80 makes it incredibly user-friendly, enabling quick and simple setup. Even after prolonged usage, its ergonomic grip and stylish look make it comfortable to hold. The scanner is adaptable for a range of retail settings because it can read barcodes on paper as well as those on electronic screens.

When it comes to a dependable, effective, and easy-to-use solution for all your barcode scanning requirements, go with the Retails BR-80 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner.


Having dependable and effective technology is essential in the hectic retail world of today. A useful tool in this regard is the barcode scanner. Let’s examine the features of the Retails BR-80 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner, a tool meant to improve efficiency and streamline processes.

Product Synopsis

For companies wishing to improve their barcode scanning capabilities, the Retails BR-80 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner stands out as a good option. With so many amazing capabilities, this scanner is a great asset in any retail environment.

Cutting-edge Image Scanning and Board Technology

The BR-80’s state-of-the-art mainboard and image scanning technology are its essential components. This advanced method ensures quick and precise data collection by dramatically increasing the pace at which barcodes may be decoded. The BR-80 operates flawlessly, cutting down on transaction time and increasing overall efficiency whether handling complicated barcode formats or high volume scanning jobs.

Economical CMOS Imaging Chip

The BR-80 has an affordable CMOS imaging chip, which is an essential part of contemporary barcode scanners. Imaging chips made of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology are renowned for their excellent performance and low energy consumption. With minimal operating expenses and clear and accurate barcode readings, the BR-80 is an affordable option without sacrificing quality.

Entire Fast Scanning Capability

With its extensive fast scanning capability, the BR-80 shines in retail contexts where speed is a crucial component. Because of its ability to process scans quickly, this scanner is perfect for high-volume checkout lines and inventory management applications. Its speedy and precise barcode reading reduces wait times and improves consumer satisfaction.

Plug and Play Ease

The plug-and-play capability of the BR-80 is one of its best qualities. The scanner is easy to set up; just connect it to your computer and it is ready to use. Because of its simplicity of use, employees may swiftly incorporate the BR-80 into their daily tasks without requiring significant technical support or training.

A stylish look combined with a comfortable grip
Apart from its exceptional technical capabilities, the BR-80 also has a stylish look and a cozy grip. Users won’t have any pain using the scanner for lengthy periods of time because to its ergonomic design. Its sleek, contemporary appearance elevates the work environment and goes well with any retail space’s design.

Flexibility in Barcode Identification

The BR-80 is incredibly versatile; it can read barcodes on paper as well as on electronic screens. In the current digital era, where barcodes can appear on a variety of surfaces, including smartphones and tablets, this dual functionality is especially helpful. The BR-80’s smooth transition between these formats guarantees reliable performance in every scanning situation.

Effectiveness in Diverse Settings

The BR-80 offers outstanding performance whether you’re running a warehouse or a busy retail store. Its sophisticated scanning features and sturdy construction make it appropriate for a variety of settings, guaranteeing dependable performance in any situation.

Strength and Lifespan
Any retail equipment must be durable, and the BR-80 delivers on this front. Made from premium materials, this scanner is designed to endure regular use’s demands. Because of its extended lifespan, enterprises can rely on the BR-80 for many years to come, which makes it an excellent investment for long-term operational efficiency.

Suitability for a Range of Systems

The BR-80’s interoperability with other systems offers even more convenience. It offers a flexible solution that easily fits into current setups and connects with the majority of POS (Point of Sale) systems and other retail software. The BR-80 is a versatile option for companies of all sizes because of its cross-platform capabilities.

Customer Service and Guarantee

Buying the BR-80 gives you the assurance that comes with strong customer service and a warranty. Users may rely on thorough support services to quickly resolve any issues that may arise. The warranty coverage highlights the dependability of the BR-80 and the manufacturer’s dedication to excellence even further.

Comparing This Barcode Scanner with Others
The BR-80 has an advantage over other barcode scanners available on the market. Its unique combination of cutting-edge technology, affordability, and usability distinguishes it from other products. The BR-80 is a great option for businesses searching for a high-performance scanner at an affordable price.

Client References

The BR-80 has received extremely positive feedback from its users. Customers commend its ergonomic form, simplicity of setup, and quick scanning speed. Numerous individuals have observed notable enhancements in their operational efficiency and accuracy subsequent to the incorporation of the BR-80 into their systems. These endorsements demonstrate the scanner’s usefulness and efficiency in practical settings.

In summary

In conclusion, the Retails BR-80 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner is an exceptional device that blends cutting-edge technology with useful design. It is an excellent option for any retail setting due to its quick decoding speed, reasonably priced imaging chip, and flexible scanning features. The ergonomic design, wide compatibility, and simple plug-and-play configuration of the BR-80 combine to provide unparalleled performance and dependability.

Whether you’re starting a new retail business or updating your existing barcode scanning system, the BR-80 offers the resources you need to increase efficiency and simplify procedures. Its longevity and extensive support network guarantee that it will continue to be a useful asset for many years to come.


Retails BR-80 Barcode Scanner Price in Bangladesh 


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