Rongta RT 335 Mini Cash Drawer


Key Features

  • Model: Rongta RT-335
  • Tray: 4 Bill & 3 Coin Slots
  • Interface: RJ11, RJ12
  • Drawer: Microswitch C, NC or C, NO
  • Length: 180mm; Depth:48mm

Rongta RT 335 Mini Cash Drawer



Rongta RT 335 Mini Cash Drawer Price in Bangladesh | Retail Solution


  • Model  RT335
  • Type  Mini Cash Drawer
  • Interface.RJ11, RJ12
  • Drawer  Microswitch C,NC Or C,NO
  • ColorBlack
  • Cheque Slot: Single
  • Lock: Three Position
  • Key: 200 Unique
  • Cash Tray Layout
  • Coin: Removable 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C Or 8C Optional, The Right Coin Box Is Fixed
  • Gripper: Wire
  • Bill Slot Size- 4 Bills
  • Width:78/71/71/64 Mm
  • Length: 180mm
  • Depth:48mm
  • Life Test: 1,000,000 Times
  • Droping Test: Compliance With Enterprise Standards
  • Vibration Test: Compliance With Enterprise Standards
  • Weight (Kg)3.5Kg

What is the Price of Rongta Mini Cash Drawer in Bangladesh?


The latest Price of Rongta Cash Drawer in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can buy  Cash Drawer at best price from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.


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