Direct Thermal Label Sticker Roll 38mm x 25mm


Direct Thermal Barcode Label Sticker


38mm x 25mm Retail, supermarket, logistics, and office environments employ direct thermal label rolls as barcode labels or labels for weigh scales.

Overall Dimensions:

Label size: 38mm x 25mm
Core size: 40mm
Paper type: Direct thermal


Direct Thermal Label Sticker Roll 38mm x 25mm

Direct Thermal Label Sticker Roll Description


Label width38mm
Label height25mm
Base paperYellow glassine
Labels per roll800pcs or 1000pcs
Rolls per box100 rolls
PurposeWeight scale label, price label

Direct Thermal Label Sticker Roll Price in Bangladesh


The Latest Price of Direct Thermal Label Sticker Roll 38mm x 25mm in Bangladesh Please Call: +88 01712 187700. Or visit our Retail Solution Office.


  • Thermal label rolls come in sizes of 38mm (wide) x 25mm (height), or 1.5″ x 1″ label rolls.
  • Direct thermal labels are heat-sensitive, chemically treated, and ribbon-free printers.
  • Our thermal labels work with popular thermal printer models from Zebra, Toshiba, Honeywell, Intermec Printers, and other manufacturers.
  • According to customer needs, we offer a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and adhesives.
  • Additionally, we have perforations accessible between each sticker. For simple distribution, you can break your labels into strips or one at a time.
  • Direct thermal labels are a reasonably priced option for transient and sporadic uses like:
    • shipping labels & pick tickets for transportation & logistics
    • name tags, receipts
    • price tag, weight labels
    • product identification and box labels for manufacturing
    • PVC & PE bags sticker
    • advertisement industry


The Customized Label Roll Sizes Are Available From Us:


Customized Label Roll Sizes Are Available From Us


Label rolls come in a wide variety of materials, colors, forms, adhesives, and sizes because they are highly customizable goods. Before placing an order, we suggest that consumers come pick up some samples from us.

  • Details on the label roll are necessary, including its size, shape, composition, wounds, perforations, etc.
  • We can effectively manage the custom printing labels if the label rolls are customized printing with the design artwork.
  • Customers should send us samples of their label roll orders so that we may examine the specifics of your sample.


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