Wax Ribbon for Thermal Transfer Printer


Wax Ribbon for Thermal Transfer Printer

Wax Ribbon Description


Printed coated paper (wax base) Ribbon- (50mm * 300m ~ 110mm * 300m)
Print PET self-adhesive Label use (mixed base / resin based) Ribbon – (50mm * 300m ~ 110mm * 300m)


Wax Ribbon Price in Bangladesh


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A ribbon is a type of printer ribbon specifically designed for use in thermal transfer printers. Thermal transfer printing is a popular method for creating high-quality, long-lasting prints on various types of materials, including labels, tags, and flexible packaging. It’s commonly used in applications where durability and resistance to environmental factors are important.

Here’s how thermal transfer printing with a wax ribbon works


  1. Printing Process: In thermal transfer printing, an image is transferred onto a substrate (label, tag, etc.) using heat to melt ink from a ribbon onto the material. The printer has a printhead that contains tiny heating elements. These heating elements selectively heat the areas of the ribbon that correspond to the image or text to be printed.
  2. Ribbon Composition: A ribbon is made up of three layers: the base film, the wax-based ink layer, and the backcoat. The wax-based ink is the crucial component here. It contains pigments or dyes that are melted onto the substrate during the printing process.
  3. Wax Ribbon Characteristics:
    • Cost-Effective: ribbons are generally more affordable compared to other types of printer ribbons like resin or wax-resin.
    • Print Quality: While not as durable as resin ribbons, ribbons still produce high-quality prints, suitable for many applications.
    • Applicability: They work well on coated and uncoated paper labels and tags.
    • Durability: Prints from  ribbons are less resistant to smudging, scratching, and environmental factors compared to resin-based prints.
    • Common Uses: ribbons are often used for general-purpose labeling, shipping labels, retail tags, and other applications where the printed material won’t be subjected to extreme conditions.
  4. Application Examples: ribbons are commonly used in industries such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare for labeling products, inventory, and more.

Remember that the choice of ribbon type (wax, wax-resin, or resin) depends on the specific needs of your application. If you require higher durability or resistance to harsh conditions, you might consider wax-resin or resin ribbons instead. It’s important to select the ribbon that best matches the intended use to ensure the longevity and quality of the printed labels or tags.



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