EAS Hard Tag for Clothing Store


Clothing Store Tag


Detect Distance: 1.2-2.0m
Lock: Normal/Super
Color: White/Black/Customized
Packing: 500PCS/CTN



EAS Hard Tag for Clothing Store



Detect Distance: 1.2-2.0m
Lock: Normal/Super
Color: White/Black/Customized
Packing: 500PCS/CTN
Gw: 7kg
Remark: 38*29*25/CTN
Spare Parts: Coil/Ferrite
Transport Package: Carton Packaging
Specification: 42mmDia


EAS Hard Tag for Clothing Store Price in Bangladesh


The latest Price Clothing Store Loss Prevention in Bangladesh, please call +8801712 187700 for the price. You can buy EAS Ink Tag 8.2MHz from our website or visit our Retail Solution office.

EAS Hard Tag, the ultimate solution for your clothing store’s security needs. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, this tag offers unmatched protection against theft, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Designed to be seamlessly integrated into your store’s merchandise, this hard tag provides a powerful deterrent against shoplifting. Its robust construction and secure locking mechanism make it virtually impossible for unauthorized removal, safeguarding your valuable inventory.



Hard Tag for Clothing Store


One of the key benefits of the EAS Hard Tag is its ease of use. With a simple one-step application process, your staff can efficiently tag garments without any hassle. This saves precious time and allows them to focus on providing exceptional service to your valued customers.

Unlike traditional security measures, this hard tag doesn’t compromise the shopping experience. It is lightweight and discreet, ensuring that customers can try on clothes without any inconvenience.

Moreover, the EAS Hard Tag is compatible with electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, further enhancing security measures. When paired with an EAS system, it triggers an alarm if someone attempts to leave your store with a tagged item, effectively deterring potential theft and protecting your revenue.


Eas clothing anti-theft alarm system hard tag


Investing in the EAS Hard Tag means investing in the longevity and profitability of your clothing store. By reducing losses due to theft, you can increase your bottom line and reinvest in growing your business.

Don’t let shoplifting hamper your success. Upgrade your security measures with the EAS Hard Tag today and create a safe and secure shopping environment for your customers. Protect your inventory, boost customer confidence, and enjoy greater peace of mind. Order now and experience the difference!



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