POS Cash Register Thermal Paper Roll 57*40mm 57*50mm 80*70mm 80*80mm 


POS Cash Register Paper Rolls
Thermal Paper in Multiple Dimensions
Precision Printing for Receipts
Dependable Performance in Transactions
Sustainable POS Paper Choices
Size Options for Point of Sale
Versatile Thermal Receipt Rolls
Eco-Friendly Cash Register Rolls
Business-Friendly Paper Options
Crisp and Clear Receipt Documentation

 POS Cash Register Thermal Paper Roll 57*40mm 57*50mm 80*70mm 80*80mm 

Product Specification


QuatationBased on material ,size ,thickness,print color ,quantity
TypeThermal paer/ Carbonless paper/CNR/ Thermal label roll/2-3 ply copy NCR paper/Jumpo thermal paper roll
Roll size80*80mm, 80*70mm, 57*50mm, 57*40mm, 57*38mm, 3 1/8*230ft, 2 1/4*50ft etc
Core sizepaper core or black plastic core: 8*12mm 11*22mm 13*17mm 13*19mm 15*22mm 19*26mm
25*31mm  40*46mm 76*82mm
SampleSample is free
image lifenot less than 2 years

POS Cash Register Thermal Paper Rolls  5740mm, 5750mm, 8070mm, 8080mm


Elevate Your Point of Sale Experience with Versatile Thermal Paper Rolls


Introducing our POS Cash Register Thermal Paper Rolls in various sizes (5740mm, 5750mm, 8070mm, 8080mm), designed to elevate your point of sale experience. Whether you run a boutique, cafe, or retail store, our versatile thermal paper rolls ensure seamless and efficient transaction documentation.

Experience the convenience of size options, each delivering crisp and clear receipts for your customers.

Precision Printing in Various Dimensions


Tailor your receipt documentation to perfection with our POS Cash Register Thermal Paper Rolls, available in 5740mm, 5750mm, 8070mm, and 8080mm dimensions. Achieve precision printing with each roll, ensuring your receipts capture every detail accurately.

From compact transactions to detailed invoices, our thermal paper rolls adapt to your business needs, providing a professional touch to every sale.

Quality Assurance for Dependable Performance


Choose confidence in every transaction with our POS Cash Register Thermal Paper Rolls. Crafted with a commitment to quality, these rolls undergo rigorous testing to ensure dependable performance in your cash register or point of sale system.

Rest easy knowing that each receipt reflects the reliability and excellence of your business, leaving a positive impression on your customers.

Environmentally Conscious Choice for Sustainable Businesses


Take a step towards sustainability with our POS Cash Register Thermal Paper Rolls. Crafted with environmentally conscious practices, these rolls are free from harmful chemicals and responsibly sourced, aligning with your commitment to a greener planet.

Make a positive impact on both your business and the environment by choosing thermal paper rolls that combine performance with eco-friendly principles.






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